Research Activity 1

Develop Statistical Frameworks to Identify S2S Extreme Precipitation Events and to Classify Characteristic SynopticPatterns

Research Activity 2

Employ the Developed Statistical Framework to Analyze the Characteristic Patterns Associated with S2S Extreme Precipitation Events

Research Activity 3

Radar Analysis and Type Classification of S2S Extreme Precipitation Events

Research Activity 4

Understand the link between large-scale modes of climate variability and the previously identified synoptic patterns associated with S2S extreme precipitation event

Research Activity 5

Quantifying the predictability of S2S extreme precipitation events in the NMME models

Research Activity 6

Developing and testing a statistical predictive model for S2S extreme precipitation events

Research Activity 7

Apply Best Practices of Co-Production of Knowledge to Seek Stakeholder Input and Guidance for Research Activities 1 to 6