Research Priorities Workshop

Event Start Date:
July 12, 2018
Event End Date:
July 13, 2018
Event Venue:
Norman, OK

The goal of this 1.5-day meeting is to prioritize the types of S2S extreme precipitation events that will be studied during the 5-year project, based on the local and regional impacts of most concern to our stakeholders. On Day 1, we will walk through the procedures by which stakeholders make their decisions (when, what, the information used, etc.), learning and documenting what they do on the ground. We will glean specific information about practical constraints to predictability in real-world settings, realistic planning for decision-making in different sectors, ability to incorporate uncertainty into risk decisions, and details of the impacts of S2S precipitation extremes on communities and ecosystems. Groups will discuss how each of these factors intersects with, complicates, or simplifies the forecasting of extreme precipitation events; this knowledge exchange will aid in empathetic prioritization of research activities. On Day 2, we will summarize the characteristics of S2S extreme precipitation events that are most important to different stakeholders. We will culminate in a full-group exercise that prioritizes the event types most aligned with these characteristics for focus in our research activities.