Listening to Stakeholders II: Adapting Research Products on Subseasonal to Seasonal Heavy Precipitation Events by Exploring Options with Users


Synoptic Connections and Impacts of 14-day Extreme Precipitation Events in the United States


Listening to Stakeholders: Initiating Research on Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Heavy Precipitation Events in the Contiguous United States by First Understanding What Stakeholders Need

Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Extreme Precipitation Events in the Contiguous United States: Generation of a Database and Climatology


Synoptic Characteristics of 14-Day Extreme Precipitation Events across the United States


Role of Sea Surface Temperatures in Forcing Circulation Anomalies Driving U.S. Great Plains Pluvial Years


Future Projections of Global Pluvial and Drought Event Characteristics

Primary Atmospheric Drivers of Pluvial Years in the United States Great Plains